Ample weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

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Ample Flyer market is a gathering for commercial purposes, generally periodic and in a predetermined place, of farmers, merchants and buyers, consumers or not. A market also designates the place (or not) where a market is held. For reasons of convenience or seasonality, this gathering can be organized in places or on specific dates: flower market, food market, cattle market, poultry market, wine market, fabric market …

These are generally markets in which seafood or agricultural products are traded in Ample Flyer. A sales manager, formerly called a “crier”, is responsible for establishing a starting price per kilogram for the various products. In the case of the “dial” market, the bids are downward, that is to say that the first buyer who shows his interest wins the lot. However, there is a withdrawal price to prevent the prices from going too low.