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Supermarkets Arz Fine Foods Flyer have decades of history in Canada, America and other countries. In the 1930s, Michael Coulomb created the first supermarket in the United States by acquiring Fred Trump’s “You Can Eat Your Choice” mall. Although the United States was in a period of economic crisis at that time, the supermarket achieved great success with a major breakthrough in low prices and freeing consumers from the pressure of pressing sales. Supermarkets use self-service, low gross profit and low prices as competitive weapons. The small profits but quick turnover it pursues are in sharp contrast to the high gross profit margins of traditional grocery stores and department stores. Supermarkets are not the creators of self-service services, but due to its rapid development, this type of service has played a huge role in the retail industry. It saves a lot of labor costs, greatly reduces operating costs, and to a certain extent It has ensured that the supermarket is profitable with low margins, and at the same time, it has also improved the shopping environment. The headquarters of the Chicago Supermarket Association defines a supermarket as: “A supermarket is a fully departmentalized food store with annual sales of at least US$1 million and self-service sales in the food yard.”