Bonanza weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

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Bonanza Flyer 1973 :
It was in May 1973 that the name Bonanza appeared under the banner Les Marchés publics Bonanza, a business located on Boulevard Pie-IX in northern Montreal. This type of public market saw the light of day at the initiative of Mr. Marcel Lalumière, anxious at the time to offer Montrealers fruit and vegetables in abundance, in addition to numerous stalls of the most varied and varied grocery products. of superior quality.

At the start of the 90s, Les Marchés Bonanza had eight branches, spread over the greater Montreal region and in Laval.

The torch has been passed to Ms. Danièle Lalumière, daughter of the founder of the company. Since November 1997, Bonanza Lalumière has focused its efforts on a single address, located on rue Jean-Talon Est, which has since become a must-see market with an ever-so unique character, relying on the abundance of fruits and vegetables offered at all times of the year, variety of groceries and competitive prices.

Bonanza Flyer Today
Madame Lalumière, assisted by her husband and their children, continue the tradition. A third generation of Lalumière works in the family business.