Food Basics weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

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Food Basics Flyer is a warehouse supermarket founded by A&P Canada.

Food Basic maintains a low selling price through free plastic bags, warehouse stores, and minimal staffing. In addition, it has an advantage in price competition with other companies through the development of large packaging and limited products. It currently operates over 100 stores in Ontario, Canada, including 36 franchise stores.

Food Basic’s parent company A&P Canada was acquired by A&P Metro in 2005.

Food Basics Flyer owns three of its own brands.

Master Choice stands for a gourmet brand.
Equality is a necessity brand.
Basics is a large packaged and low-cost product brand.
Food Basic recently launched a low-cost health and beauty product brand called Simply 1-2-3.

The Great Basics Finds Great brand sells everything from prefab furniture, clothing, household items and seasonal items at low prices. The feature is that the quantity, type and sales time of products are limited.

In the fall of 2006, Metro begins a revolution in Food Basic. Metro is reorganizing the interior and structure of Food Basic in a luxurious manner like a supermarket run in Quebec called Super C. The new signboard was decorated in beige with a yellow accent, and Drug Basics Pharmacy was also simply called “pharmacy” and replaced with a signboard with a blue background. In the spring of 2007, Metro introduced a new inventory management system called BDMS in all warehouse stores.