Ikea weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

In the early 2000s, Ikea Flyer Canada had only five large furniture stores. Sales boomed. In 2001, the company therefore decided to open seven new stores to reach a total of twelve. Below is the location of Ikea stores and collection centers by province:

Edmonton (Opened 1978)
Calgary (Opened in 1979) The Ikea in Calgary was relocated in 2004 to a larger, more modern building.
British Columbia
Coquitlam, opened in 2002
Richmond, opened in 1976, first Ikea on Canadian soil
The subsidiary reached $ 1 billion in fiscal 2005.

Ikea’s Eastern Canada distribution center is located in Brossard, Quebec, near highways 10 and 30, not far from the Boucherville branch.

In 2012, a rumor that the Ikea store in Quebec City, which closed its doors in 1996, reopened in the Lévis / St-Romuald area, near highways 20 and 73, caused a lot of talk, because several residents of the Quebec City region and eastern Canada must travel to Boucherville. For this reason, many want his return to the Quebec City region but unfortunately this is not planned for the moment, according to a spokesperson.

On May 14, 2015, Ikea Canada announced that by the end of 2015, two collection centers for goods ordered online will be located in London (Ontario) and Quebec, in the Ste-Foy (Quebec) area. This is a pilot project for the company.

Currently, there are no Ikea stores in eastern Quebec and in the Maritimes.

On January 22, 2016, Ikea Flyers Canada announced that an authentic store – with all the regular services normally offered in a traditional Ikea store – will be built in Darmouth, a suburb of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

On September 8, 2016, Ikea Canada announced its return to Quebec City with the upcoming construction of a real full-size Ikea store in Ste-Foy, at the intersection of Highways 40 and 540, on Blaise-Pascal Street. The opening is scheduled for summer 2018.

Manitoba’s very first Ikea store opens in the city of Winnipeg in November 2012.

Toronto region:

Vaughan, opened in 2003
Etobicoke, opened in 2001
North York, opened in 1977
Elsewhere in Ontario:

Burlington, opened in 1991. This store is located near the Ikea Canada head office.
Ottawa The Ottawa Ikea was opened in 1979 at the Pinecrest Mall. It has been completely relocated and modernized in the same shopping center. It reopened its doors on December 7, 2011. It had then become the largest in Canada until the Montreal branch surpassed it in size with the major renovations and expansion in 2012.