London Drugs weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

London Drugs Flyer is a Canadian drugstore chain based in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area of ​​British Columbia. With a focus on British Columbia (mainly the Metro Vancouver area), it operates in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and four southwestern states in Canada.

A drugstore that operates mainly in the Vancouver metropolitan area, it was founded in downtown Vancouver, but is now headquartered in Richmond, Tong.

It sells medicines, groceries, magazines, public transportation tickets, etc. like general drug stores in the country, but also sells electrical appliances such as cameras and video games, DVDs and books. It is a feature that it is. Cigarettes are also sold, but Alberta stores do not sell them under the state’s ordinances.

It is one of the largest retailers on the west coast of Canada, with 72 stores as of 2010. Of these, 10 stores are concentrated in British Columbia (48 stores), including 10 stores in Vancouver, with 20 stores in Alberta, 3 stores in Saskatchewan, and 1 store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At this time, we are not doing business outside Canada.

Founded in 1945, shortly after the end of World War II, its first store was a small pharmacy of about 1000 square feet (about 92.9 square meters) set up on Vancouver’s main street by founder Sam Bass. There was [1]. The store name “London” was taken from London, the capital of England, the home of the Monarchy of Canada. [1] Since its opening, it has been open on weekends and at night, and although it is a small store, it has succeeded in attracting customers.

In the late 1940s, when a camera store next to the first London Drugs store closed, London Drugs bought the cameras in stock cheaply. It became popular for selling the camera in the first store, and this triggered the sale of photography equipment such as cameras and electrical appliances. This attempt was unusual even at that time.

London Drugs Flyer was sold to Dalin in the United States in 1975, but was put up for sale again the following year due to the company’s poor management. Ton Louis, a Chinese-Canadian who ran a grocery store chain in Vancouver, noticed this and bought London Drugs, a completely different industry, to the point of overwhelming relative concerns. As a result, this decision was successful, and soon the business expanded to the neighboring state of Alberta, and it was a success that tripled the number of stores for about 10 years.

In addition, from around this time, the items sold were diversified, such as selling home appliances around the kitchen and cosmetics, which were not generally sold at pharmacies at that time, and starting a speed development service for photographs. At present, it is further diversified by selling information and audio equipment such as personal computers and televisions.