Longos weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

Longos Flyer management is obliged to follow certain trade rules. For example, in US supermarkets:

Longos Flyer each product must be clearly marked with its price, and if there are several labels with different prices, the buyer must pay the lowest of them;
certain types of food, which include meat and fish, juices and soft drinks, baby food, butter, coffee, jams, pet food, pasta, and washing and detergents must not only have a total selling price per package, but and price for weight or volume;
perishable goods, which, in addition to dairy and meat products, also include eggs, bread, culinary products, must have clearly marked dates for the last day of sale or consumption;
the scales must be between the seller and the buyer, and their scale must be clearly visible;
on the package with minced meat, all types of meat included in it must be indicated;
All products in their original packaging must clearly indicate: product name, net weight, ingredients contained in the product, as well as the name of the manufacturer and its address.