Marche Adonis weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

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Marche Adonis Flyer : It was in 1976 that the brothers Elie and Jamil Cheaib arrived in Montreal with their friend Georges Ghrayeb. Originally from Damour, a coastal city in Lebanon, they are entrepreneurs at heart and are sure to have a knack for business. Although newcomers to the country, the Cheaib brothers were not at their first steps in the food market. In Lebanon, the Cheaib family owned a business in their small village, about twenty kilometers from Beirut, in addition to operating a farm where they grew bananas, oranges and onions. From an early age, the nine children in the family had learned to work hard. In the grip of the Lebanese civil war, it becomes vital to find a better and more hospitable world. Canada will become their land of welcome and business development.

1984: the retail space increases to 6,000 sq. Ft. And the warehouse is expanded to 10,000 sq. Ft.
1991: the central store on Boulevard de l’Acadie increases to 12,000 ft2 and the warehouse to 20,000 ft2
1991: the opening of a new 6,000 sq. Ft. Store on Boulevard des Sources, in Dollard-des-Ormeaux
1998: the early opening of the 18,000 sq. Ft. Store on Curé-Labelle Boulevard in Laval
2002: relocation of the 24,000 sq. Ft. Grand Marché Adonis on rue Sauvé, in Ville Saint-Laurent
2004: the inauguration of the 29,000 sq. Ft. Grand Marché Adonis on Boulevard des Sources

On October 26, 2011, Adonis signed a partnership agreement with Metro. The brothers Elie and Jamil Cheaib, as well as Georges Ghrayeb nevertheless continue to manage Adonis independently, in order to maintain the well-established family business philosophy. The markets continue to be administered by the family: cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. The large family today extends far beyond the Cheaib and Ghrayeb. It now encompasses over 1000 dedicated employees in 5 branches. Among the staff at Marché Adonis, there are employees who have worked for 10, 20 and even 30 years for the company, which shows that every member of the family counts. The founders’ family sometimes even welcomes the families of specialized grocers from abroad.

The remarkable success of the Adonis concept in such a demanding market surprises an entire industry. The quality of the products and services offered stimulate the popularity of Marché Adonis flyers in all branches. Some say that excellent customer service and exquisite tasting shish-taouk have been the basic ingredients of success at Marché Adonis.

With an attentive management team, Marché Adonis flyer continue to surpass themselves and do everything they can to distinguish themselves through a warm welcome, unparalleled customer service, diversified and quality products offered at competitive prices.