Mm Food Market weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

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Great food is our passion, but like any good thing in life, to keep an appetite you need to spice it up. We have changed for the better with Mm Food Market Flyer.

A new look and culinary novelties that will make you fall in love. But good. Only real. Absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners in our food because now you demand more from your food. More choice, too, more authenticity, real taste experiences that will make you travel: this is what you will find with us. A place dedicated to the arrangement of tantalizing, irresistible menus and dishes, out of the ordinary, up to your expectations to make your family meals special and memorable moments.

Your tastes and needs have changed. We have changed for you.
At Les Aliments M&M flyers, we are passionate about providing good food to our customers. And at the heart of the business is our philosophy on frozen foods. Put simply, we believe expertly frozen foods offer a long list of benefits for busy consumers:

✔ They retain nutritional benefits, freshness and flavor.

✔ They offer diversity and value – no matter the season.

✔ They reduce food waste since you can thaw and cook in portions that suit your personal or family needs.

✔ They are the source of food safety innovations and practices in the food industry.

In order to enjoy high quality seafood in the future, it is essential today to develop and maintain sustainable practices.

We are committed to providing customers with quality fish and seafood and sustainable fishing options.

In this period of threat of the spread of the Coronavirus, the demand for our products has been exceptional. Please note that we will not accept any return of merchandise for purchases made since Monday, March 2, unless the quality of the product or the food safety of the product is at stake.