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Princess Auto Wrecking (PAW) began in 1933. The original owner sold the business to Harvey Tallman in 1942 for the money he received when he sold his truck.

Harvey started out by selling auto parts to customers who came to his small store on Princess Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. By the 1950s, PAW was already buying parts in the United States and cars all over western Canada, as Harvey began to travel in search of new products that farmers across Canada needed. Most of the products were war surpluses and it was with these items that Princess Auto’s first catalog was created.

Subsequently, the location of Princess Street became too small. The company moved to a much larger facility at the corner of Fort and York Streets, and established a small manufacturing division. Over time, Shur-Lift Industries would become a major supplier to PAW, which would change its name several times, first to Princess Auto and Machinery and later simply to Princess Auto (PAL).

From Fort and York, the company eventually settled on Panet Road where our main office continues to operate to this day.

In 1977, Princess Auto Flyer became a retailer, opening its first store in Edmonton, Alberta. Less than a year later, Harvey Tallman decided to retire, leaving the business to his two sons, Larry and Bob.

The company’s retail sales expanded rapidly thereafter with the opening of stores in Western Canada. Larry announced his retirement and the sale of his share of the business to Bob in the spring of 1989.

The company’s retail stores have been built by a dedicated group of leaders and team members who are committed to several key elements: unique selection of products, top-notch customer service (Royal Service) and very competitive prices which remain the driving forces behind Princess Auto.

Another important initiative taken by Larry and Bob Tallman was the creation of financial information sharing and profit sharing. This company has long been committed to ensuring it operates in an inclusive manner with its team members.