Supermarche PA weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

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Supermarche PA Flyer is a large department store (self-service department store) selling a full range of food and drinks, as well as household items (goods for children, soaps, washing powders, dishwashing detergents, sanitary and hygiene items, paper products, books in paper covers, houseplants), pet products (dog and cat food, hygiene items, toys, etc.), automotive products, greeting cards, cosmetics, dishes, medicines (sold without a prescription), household appliances, etc. Mostly have a self-service form. Usually the area of ​​supermarkets starts from 600-1000 m2 and reaches several thousand “squares”
Supermarche PA Flyers are an American invention made by Michael Cullen, a grocery store manager in Guerrin, Illinois. In 1930, Cullen opened the first supermarket in a former garage, which provided free parking for the convenience of customers. Two years later, Cullen owned eight such stores with $ 6 million in revenue per year. [Source unspecified 693 days]

A huge boost to the development of Supermarche PA Flyer was the invention in 1937 by the owner of a supermarket in Oklahoma, Sylvan Goldman, of a metal trolley on wheels for groceries instead of a hand basket. [Source not specified 693 days]

In the post-war period in the United States, due to a lack of food, empty store shelves began to be filled with hygiene and cosmetics items. Customers welcomed new types of goods, and subsequently supermarkets began selling items such as household supplies, phonograph records, greeting cards, and even clothing. At this time, new supermarkets began to be built on the outskirts of large cities, where the initiators were independent entrepreneurs associated with cooperatives supplying the trading market with food products. Cooperatives supplied them with products at low prices, so they could sell them in their stores at the same prices as their big competitors, chain stores, providing the buyer with no less convenience. Many of these single stores have since expanded into local chains.

An increase in the assortment of goods and retail space has become a characteristic feature of supermarkets. If in the 50s. the area of ​​a supermarket in the United States averaged 2000 m² and 6000 items of goods, then in the 60s and 70s. – 2800 m² and an assortment of up to 8000 items. A modern supermarket offers up to 25,000 items and 8,000 new items appear annually. Technology has changed the look and feel of the supermarket: air conditioning systems have been installed, entrance doors are automatically opened and closed, and products are transported to the cashier on a conveyor belt.