Wholesale Club weekly flyer and ⭐ catalog Canada

Wholesale Club Flyer is a form of pick-up wholesale that sells wholesale goods in wholesale batches to private customers and small and medium-sized enterprises. Movements resembling large wholesale warehouses attract penny stretchers and small business owners. To become a customer, you must have a store membership card and membership fees have been paid. The most well-known stores of this kind in the United States are represented by Costco and Sam’s Club. Products are mostly without brands.

The Costco chain’s stores, for example, have an average area of 13,359 square meters, which is about one and a half football fields.

In Europe, Wholesale Club Flyer are owned by at least two companies; With Costco and Metro / Macro pickup wholesale chain. Macro stores are owned by different companies depending on the location, and on the other hand, they have been sold and merged with other companies, while discontinuing the use of the brand.